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Our escrow service for luxury watches ensures a secure, transparent, and seamless transaction between buyers and sellers. Here’s how our process works:


The buyer or seller initiates the process by sending the watch to our service center located in West Palm Beach Florida, USA. This marks the beginning of the escrow process, ensuring that the watch is securely held until all conditions for the sale are met.

Authentication and Inspection

Upon receiving the watch, it undergoes a rigorous examination through our Timepiece Presentation Service. This step is crucial for verifying the authenticity and condition of the watch. Our team of experts closely inspects the timepiece, utilizing state-of-the-art technology and their extensive knowledge to authenticate it.

Report Generation

After the authentication process, we generate a detailed report outlining the watch’s condition, authenticity, and any other pertinent information that a buyer would require to make an informed decision. This report is then sent to the potential buyer and seller for review.

Buyer’s Approval

The buyer, upon receiving the report, reviews all the details of the watch. If the buyer is satisfied and approves of the condition and authenticity as per the report, they proceed to the next step.

Payment Transfer

The buyer transfers the agreed-upon funds to the seller directly.  Bennisson takes no title to the funds. We ensure the security and transparency of this transaction, providing peace of mind to both parties until the transaction conditions are met.

Release and Delivery

Once the funds are securely received by the seller, and the seller confirms, we facilitate the release of the watch to the buyer from the seller. The watch is securely packaged and shipped fully insured to the buyer, completing the transaction.


Throughout this process, our escrow service acts as a neutral third party, ensuring that both the seller and the buyer meet their respective obligations. Our aim is to provide a trustworthy platform where luxury watches can be traded with confidence, knowing that both the product’s authenticity and the transaction’s security are guaranteed.

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