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Watch Repair and Restoration Services in West Palm Beach, FL

Modern Overhaul

Your personality. A statement of originality.

The modern timepiece.

Using original parts and complimented by numerous qualifications, we will prudently tend to its servicing needs.

No matter the brand.

Because they're all treasures to us.

Vintage Restoration

Let us help you remember the memory. That memory. The one that only a timepiece can possess.

A Grandfather's wristwatch. Your dad's pocket watch. And mom's timepiece.

We are honored to contribute to the timeless return of that memory's vibrant life. And will treat each piece with the respect becoming of its original owner.

Batteries, Link Adjustments & Repair Services

Swiss batteries. Link adjustments. Broken crystals. Damaged bracelets. Water resistance sealing. Stripped screws. Scratched cases. Quartz and mechanical.

Name the issue. And consider it done. Completely.

Our work is performed on-site. Always.

The Bennison Warranty

Our work is exceptional. And we take great pride in standing behind it.


You are our customer. Our friend. And your timepiece will carry our relationship (with it) wherever you go.

Our guarantee. Parts. Labor. Service.

We are always here. For your questions and curiosities. Never, ever, hesitate to engage us.

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